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This Cookies Policy is for the users of the website It defines how we use cookies. In this Cookies Policy “us” and “our” refers to Rositsa Chopeva-Yancheva, and Figure Finance LTD, ID: 204843434 as owners of this website.

We collect specific information via automated tools when you visit and use the site Collecting this information allows as to learn and understand how better to adjust the site to the needs of our users. We collect this information via different tools as described hereafter.


What are “cookies”?

For any modern website to work properly, it needs to collect specific basic information about its users. To do that, the site will create files, known as “cookies” which are small text files, which the websites send to the user’s computer or another internet connected device. Thus, these files can identify the unique browser of the user, store information or specific browser settings. These cookies are designed to allow the website to recognize the users when they next visit the site or to authorize other sites to recognize these users for a specific purpose.

Cookies fulfil different tasks such as to memorize your preferences when often visiting a website, to memorize your user name and the content of your shopper basket to to help you navigate between the pages more effectively.


Why are we using “cookies”?

We use cookies to improve the website and to provide services and functionality to its users; to track its audience presentation, and also to be able to offer you content, adjusted to your preferences, hoping to improve your overall experience when visiting the website.

We take utmost care to protect the privacy of the users of the website. We use cookies to monitor and improve our services, but they also allow us to organize adverting campaigns, which are better targeted with your interests and the materials you read on our website. Sometimes on our website we include links to goods and services, offered by third parties, and we might get a commission, if you later decide to make a purchase. Cookies can be used to track your visits to the third parties’ websites to guarantee that we are paid the right commissions. These trade agreements in no way affect our editorial content.

We believe that your experience when visiting the website will be negatively affected if you opt out of the cookies we use.


What type of “cookies” exist and which of them we use?

We provide a list of the cookies we use in the second part of that answer.

We will use cookies on your device that will allow us to remember your choice.  If you don’t opt out and continue using the website these cookies will be send to your device. You can opt out of our cookies. If you opt out of all cookies, you might not be able to have full functionality of the site.

There are two types of cookies:

  1. Persistent – they remain on the user’s device for a period of time, specified in the cookie. They get activated every time the user visits the website that created this specific cookie.
  2. Sessions Cookies – they are temporary and allow the operators of websites to connect the actions of the user during a browsing session. The browsing session begins when the user opens the browser window and finishes when the user closes the browser window. After you close the browser window, all session cookies are deleted.


The cookies have generally four different functions and can be categorized as: “necessary”, “for efficiency”, “for functionality”, “marketing”.

The necessary cookies are important for the website navigation and the usage of its functions. Without them you will not be able to use some services such as registration. These cookies do not collect data about you which can be used for marketing or for identifying the location where you used the internet. For example, we use these cookies to create unique identifiers for each user so that we can analyse the site’s viewership.

The cookies for efficiency collect data for statistical purposes regarding the ways the users use the website. They do not collect personal data as names and email addresses and are used to improve your user experience with the website. For example, we use these to collect data for the website’s visits, including the number of users and the number of visits, the duration of the session, the pages the user visited and where the users come from. We use this data to compare our website with other sites by using data, collected by industrially accepted researches.

The information collected by the cookies for efficiency help us understand how you use the website. For example – are you a new user, what you viewed or clicked and how you found us. After that we can use this data to improve our services.

The cookies for functionality allow the users to personalize the way the website identifies them. These cookies can remember user names, location and can be used to provide more personalized services such as relevant news. For example, we use this data to identify you as a returning user and we will not show you information for first time users.

The cookies for marketing are used to show you advertising which is better targeted to you but also can be used to limit the numbers of times an ad is shown to you. They can be used to analyse the efficiency of an advertising by analysing users’ clicks. They can remember that you have visited a website and this information can be shared with other organizations, including other advertisers. They cannot identify who you are because they are not connected with your profile.

We use these cookies to advertise based on interests (or online behavioural advertising). The cookies are installed on your device by third party service providers and will remember your activity in the web browser, will group your interests to provide advertising related to them.

Without these cookies the online advertising you see will be less connected with you and your interests.


Type and description the cookies we use:

“Cookies” of Google Analytics


Google Analytics cookies allow us to collect data connected with the usage of the website in order to improve the efficiency of the website, its design and our services. These cookies collect information about the type of device, type of the operation system, type of browser, domain and system settings – IP address, forwarding URL addresses, information about the action on the site, dates and times of your visits, the language you system uses, the country you device is in. These cookies also collect details about your behaviour when you visit the pages of our website. The cookies are persistent cookies and expire after two years.

These cookies are provided by our provider of analytical services as a third party – Google Analytics. The collected information will be shared with or collected directly by these service providers.


Third party cookies

We work with third parties to allow your interaction with certain social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. If the website is used with plug-ins and tools from third parties, these third parties can send session or persistent cookies to your browser. These cookies’ are subject to the Cookies Policy of the third party they are connected with:

  • Facebook –
  • LinkedIn –

These links are to partners sites we work with that define cookies on our website and subsequently on your device. Each one has information on the cookies they use and the ways you can opt-out.



We work with third for advertising purposes. Such third parties use cookies for our website and subsequently for your device. They operate on our behalf to track and analyse the usage of our website by using cookies, pixels and other similar technologies. They collect information about the usage of the website, measure and analyse the effectiveness of our advertising, the usage of pages during the website visit in order to help us better target our internet advertising as well as to track the usage of our internet advertising and other links from the sites of our marketing partners to our website. They are also used to show you advertising that is better suited for you and your interests. These cookies are subject to the Cookies Policy of the third parties they are connected to:

  • Facebook Pixel –


How can you opt of or deactivate cookies?

If you delete all cookies all of your preferences will be lost and many websites will not work properly and you will lose some functionality. This is why we do not recommend that you opt-out or delete the cookies used by our website.

You can also limit or deactivate the usage of cookies on your web browser. Click on the Settings menu on your browser to adjust your cookies settings.