Business acquisition

Whether you are an institutional investor or a corporate looking for opportunities in the Bulgarian and CEE* markets, we can help you find the right business to fit your investment thesis. Our team will support your efforts by leveraging local insight, great partner network and understanding of the region’s key advantages compared to the rest of Europe. Our Buy-side M&A services are flexible to suit our clients’ needs, and can include the following:

  • Market/specific industry overview and recent developments
  • Formulating investment thesis and/or identifying potential synergies
  • Valuation of potential targets
  • Presentations and other relevant document generation for investment committees
  • Lead/support during the negotiating process
  • Coordinating with different due diligence teams
  • Post-acquisition Integration into the parent company

We are based in one of the fastest developing economies in developing Europe which, paired with an understanding of current European and global investment themes, makes us well-positioned to identify local opportunities with lucrative risk-adjusted returns. More specifically, we bring added value to our buy-side engagements by:

  • Knowledge of the Local Market:


    With a strong network of local entrepreneurs, industry leaders and understanding of the macro environment, we are capable of quickly scanning the market and gauging potential opportunities.

  • Investment Thesis Origination/Enhancement:


    Whether you are looking to make a strategic or a financial investment, we can help you identify synergies, promising targets and/or provide a specific framework that fits your objectives.

  • Local Representation:


    With the involvement of numerous different stakeholders, we are able to organize, coordinate and manage the relevant processes on the ground for our clients.

  • Post-acquisition Integration:


    As a committed partner to our clients, we are capable of assuming board/advisory positions on our client’s behalf when the circumstances require a lengthier period of integration or achieving certain goals.

Through our partnership with Last Mile Experts, we are able to offer unrivaled consulting services, combining strategic consulting and corporate finance, for Last Mile, Delivery, Logistics and directly related sectors across Europe.

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