Business Plan
Financial Model

xFigure Finance changes the concept of a business plan.

At xFigure Finance we change the concept of a business plan upside down by developing financial models specifically for each project and combining them with detailed business presentations.

The financial model is a flexible tool that brings together the key aspects of the project, explores the relationships between them and forecasts what the business would be like.

This tool shows you how to make a structure of the project so that it is financially sustainable and provides answers to important questions for investors.

That is why the financial model is absolutely mandatory when starting new business projects and attracting investors.

Each financial model developed by us is tailored to the specific business or idea and includes detailed forecasts of the fundamental business elements, a full set of financial statements, charts and key indicators, along with a detailed description of the main assumptions and results.

In developing of financial models xFigure Finance team follows a well-structured and time-proven approach.

What questions do we ask

We are the trusted partner to guide you through the process of negotiating with banks and investors saving you time and money. With our help you will:


the full picture, key advantages and risks of the project.


when and at what conditions the Project will reach break-even


when you will be profitable and what is the return from this Project


the influence of
the different assumptions
on business and
plan where to


whether you will manage on your own and how much financing is needed.

In summary we give you answers to key financial and business questions and help you stand out in front of banks and investors.

Case studies

Case studies

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