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We pave the way towards a financially successful business.

xFigureFinance is a partner who provides support along every step of the business development: from financial modeling of the idea to analysis of the business operations and finance expertise for strategic decision-making.

We’re entirely focused on the growth of our clients and therefore, we are ready to put our knowledge in action so that we can:

We advise

our clients on strategic projects for the purchase or sale of companies

We lead the entire transaction process – from the identification of suitable companies against potential synergies, market share expansion opportunities and/or entry into new strategic markets to the successful completion of negotiations and signing of the share purchase agreement.

We validate

your business expertly and independently

Analyzing company fundamentals, industry data, macro climate, etc., we provide a valuation of the company based on discounted cash flows, industry precedent transactions, and financial multiples of similar transactions.

We provide

the necessary capital access

We structure and negotiate debt instruments such as project finance, hybrid instruments such as mezzanine finance and lead the process on the client side in negotiating an equity investment from a fund or strategic investor against the company’s objectives.

We analyze

and validate investment projects

We develop a financial model with a wide range of possible scenarios, based on which we build our opinion on the risks and financial viability of the project

We identify

business expansion opportunities

We develop and implement strategies for growth through mergers and acquisitions, as well as identify opportunities for organic business growth.

Experience tells us that a great corporate strategy is balanced between realistic ambitions, being aware of competitive advantages, and most importantly – financial decisions. Therefore, we stand close to the client and use our expertise to create a clear action plan so that strategic goals can be achieved.

If you are asking:

We are the trusted partner who you invest to guide you slightly through the process of negotiating with banks and investors, saving you time and money.

What steps

should I take to expand my business?

What should I

do to prepare my company for attracting investors?

How much

is my business worth?

Who would be interested

in acquiring or investing in it?

What are the steps

for growth by acquiring another business?

What will my return rate be

if I invest in this project?

The xFigureFinance team is ready to answer these questions.

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Case studies

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