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xFigureFinance is an official member of The Association for production, storage and trading of electricity (APSTE)

APSTE – Association for Production, Storage and Trading of Electricity is a non-profit organization that supports the development and market integration of renewable energy generation and storage technologies. APSTE works together with public and private organizations, aiming to create favorable conditions for transition to a sustainable, carbon-neutral energy and economy.

The participation of xFigure in field of leading companies in the energy sector – like providing design, legal and consulting services to production of systems for autonomous power supply and energy storage, is a unique opportunity for us to access up-to-date information about the energy sector in Bulgaria, observing the development of the regulatory framework and the electricity market of renewable energy sources. Being a member of APSTE is also a great opportunity for xFigure’s team to be an active side in the association’s working groups, which are engaged in various policy activities and in expanding investors’ participation and awareness.

The membership of xFigure was approved on the agenda by the governing body of the Association, after which we had the opportunity to present our experience and expertise to the other members leading a conversation on alternative financing options – debt instruments, hedging, trading in green (and white) bonds, etc.

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